SERAFINO ZANI IHC Thermostat Patent Technology CURIE Series 18/10 Stainless Steel 24CM (9.5-inch) Frying Pan/ Skillet with Cover (The Thermostat Just For Induction Cooktop)

CURIE IHC Thermostat Patent Technology series Adopting the creative IHC Thermostat Patent Technology, Serafino Zani Trhermostatic Pot Can Control The Cooking Trmperature Precisely. No Cooking Oil Fume, No Charred Food, You Can Enjoy The Healthy Nutritious Food. How To Use 1. Using Serafino Zani IHC Thermostatic Pot with Magnetic Induction Stove to Cook,IHC Pot Adapts To Any Levels Of Heat, You Do Not Need To Adjust The Heat Level While Cooking. 2. If You Are Not Using The Induction Stove, Please Refer to Instruction Manual Of Serafino Zani's Stainless Steel Pot. Ordinary Cooking 1. Place the empty pot on the magnetic induction stove, pour oil into the pot and add the ingredients. Cover the pot with lid and turn on the power. Add salt and seasoning befor dishing it up. 2. When food cotains oil itself (like chicken wing), you can cook it without pouring ooil or water in it. Put the ingredients into the empty pot directly, cover the pot with lid and turn on the power. When you see steam coming out from the pot, wait for 15-20 more minutes and then dish the food up. Description Brand: SERAFINOZANI Item No.: CUR104/24 Type: Cookware Material:18/10 Stainless Steel Size:24cm*5.5cm Description: Frying Pan Controlled temperature:230℃ (466°F ) Applicable: Induction hob Features Dishwasher Safe Eco-Friendly Lifetime Warranty Oven Safe With Lid
Size: 24cm
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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