Ferment N' Joy Fermentation Lids with Airlocks: Fit Wide Mouth Mason Jars (2)

Create deliciously healthy fermented vegetables more efficiently and effectively with Ferment N' Joy Fermenting Lids! If you're a canner, you know that fermenting vegetables take the proper time and the right equipment to get it just right. And while fermenting weights are great for keeping vegetables below the brine, Ferment N' Joy Fermenting Lids help properly release carbon dioxide and gases for a natural lacto-fermentation process.Simple, Odor Free and Easy to UseAll you need to do is screw on our airlock fermenting lids to the top of your Ball, Kerr or Golden Harvest wide mouth mason jars and it will automatically provide the right gas/oxygen balance inside your jar. It's that easy! Healthy ProbioticsChoosing to create homemade, fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut is not only good for eating healthier meals, they're also packed with powerful probiotics that help maintain good digestive health. This can help you reduce bloating and gassiness, while also improving natural energy! If you're ready to start eating healthier and enjoying new foods, start fermenting your own vegetables with reusable, dishwasher safe fermenting lids from Ferment N' Joy! Product Details: ☆ Improves Fermenting Process ☆ Reusable and Easy to Clean ☆ Fit Wide Mouth Mason Jars ☆ BPA Free, Food-Grade Plastic ☆ Not Autoclavable Order Includes:2 Wide Mouth Fermenting Lids 2 Airlocks 4 Seals 2 Grommets 2 Wide Mouth Storage LidsFermentation Basics Guide Fermented Mixed Vegetables Recipe Note: No mason jars included. Product Dimension under Product Information is the size of the box and not the size of the lids.Start creating your own small batches of fermented sauerkraut or other favorite foods by clicking 'Add to Cart' above.
Dimensions: 512 x 512 x 539
Size: Wide mouth
Color: White
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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