HUANGYIFU Handmade 6-12Inch Wooden Steamers with Stainless Steel Banding, 2Tiers with 1 Lid, Chinese Steamer for Cooking

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About HUANGYIFU:HUANGYIFU is a famous traditional Chinese brand.HUANGYIFU's steamer is the old Han Chinese craftsmanship, original from the Northern Song Dynasty.It has a long history for 900years.It was invented by a man named Yifu Huang(originator of bamboo steamer). Then the bamboo steamer became The Royal tribute.TO USE:1.For the first time,the bamboo steamer can be used after washed with warm water.When steaming foods, the water should diffuse the steamer's edge.2.When the water is hot,put the food into steamer.When water is insufficient, please be sure to add heat water.(prevent the steamer from side charred.)3.Food in the top layer of the steamer is the first cooked. Steaming time varies by the furnace and the material.(Please avoid opening the lid in the middle way of steaming.)4.After each use,the bamboo steamer should be washed by warm water.(Hairbrush is available.)Product Description:The steamer is a healthy way of cooking vegetables and fish as it helps to preserve vitamins, minerals, flavours and colours of food. Create a fusion of flavours, sampling the taste sensations of Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Chinese.For a true authentic feel, the WOOD steamer is made from natural, woven WOOD and comes complete with a matching removable lid. It also has two tiers to cook different foods. The steamer is easy and simple to use, just add water into a saucepan, wok or stockpot and bring to the boil. Line the steamer slats with cabbage leaves or parchment paper to prevent food sticking to the WOOD and to keep the steamer clean. Then, just stand the steamer in water to steam the food. The steamer comes with an inspirational oriental recipe to get you started. Available in a individual small and large size 
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