CalSuno Poached Egg Set of 4 Food Silicone Egg Poacher Cups for Cooking Eggs with Microwave or Stove Top Egg Cooker – Poach Pods

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Use and maintenance: Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or foam cleaners after the first and every use, with hot water (diluted food cleanser) or in a dishwasher. Ensure that the silica gel cup is thoroughly dried before each use and before storage; In use, you can first in the silicone surface of the glass gently spray a small amount of anti-dip oil; Silica cups can only be used in steamers, ovens and microwave ovens, must not be used directly on gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or grill below the use; After use do not rinse immediately with cold water to prolong the service life. Do not use knives or other sharp objects in the silica gel cup, not pressure, pull, violence in the opposite; Silicone mold (because of the relationship between static electricity), it is easy to have dust, a long time without, it is best placed in the carton, placed in the shade; We know you'll fall in love with your new egg poachers. Our easy to use silicone egg poaching pods allow you to poach the perfect egg and make cleanup a breeze. Dishwasher and microwave safe our silicone egg poachers will leave you positively hungry for more. Now in four bright colors, our poached egg cups are made using the highest quality silicone and can be used to bake, boil, microwave and mold many types of food, not just eggs. All of our products are here to help you create dishes that look and taste fantastic, as well as inspire you to cook outside your comfort zone and create delicious new recipes. That's why when you order today you will get these amazing benefits Easy Use - Just like a lily pad in a pond, float your egg poacher cups and eggs in the water and poach to perfection.
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