VOBAGA Electric Egg Cooker & Poacher Maker Up To 7 Eggs | Durable Stainless Steel Rack Tray Basket With Marked Measuring Cup | For Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs, Omelettes, Poached, Scrambled & More

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Prepare The Most Delicious Eggs Ever & Make Everyone Wonder! Load With Eggs, Fill With Water, Wait & Enjoy - Precise Egg Boiling Has Never Been That Easy Before! With just 3 moves and a little bit of your time, you can prepare the most delicious eggs ever. Load the stainless steel rack tray with up to 7 eggs, fill the basket with water, plug and let the cooker do the rest.Each package includes several accessories to aid the egg cooking procedure. Open it and find a measuring cup, an egg poaching bowl and a stainless steel rack. The measuring cup features markings for varying degrees of doneness and the poaching tray holds up to 7 eggs all at once. Take it off the heated cooker and place it under cold water to speed up the cooling process. With A VOBAGA Egg Cooker You Could ...  · ... boil soft, medium and hard eggs.  · ... prepare tasty omelettes.  · ... make delicious scrambled eggs.  · ... try eggs Benedict or poached. What are you waiting for? Get yours today. Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart!  Tips: 1.To be sure rotate the rotary knob to "110 ℃ " when you start boiling or steaming eggs. 2. Don't put the bowl in the egg cooker when you want to boil eggs.The bowl is just used for steaming egg custard. 3.This egg cooker doesn't turn off automatically. It is controlled by adjustable thermostat,The indicator turns off after reaching the specified temperature, and the boiler stops; turn the knob to "OFF" and unplug the power cord; (please refer to the instructions for details). 4. Fresh eggs don't need to hit a hole.If the eggs have been stored for more than a months, you can hit a hole in the top of the eggs before boiling to prevent shell cracking in the boiling process.(please hit a hole on the top of the egg instead of press it.) 5. Base tray can NOT wash in the water, you just can scrub it with wet.
Dimensions: 650 x 661 x 890
Color: Red bronze
Condition: New

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