Siroca Microcomputer electric pressure cooker Cookmeister Mitten special set SPC-101RD-MT (Red)

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Product description ★ Siroca microcomputer electric pressure cooker special set with mitten in cook meister. ★ Just push the button with putting ingredients. Easy time & negligence, electric pressure cooker failure, you can make delicious dishes cheaply. ◆ Easy electric pressure cooker ● It is an electric pressure cooker of 6 cars, which can perform pressure cooking, anhydrous cooking, steam cooking, cooking, slow cooker, and warming. In addition to traditional functions, new ancient recipes have been added to enhance the menu that brings out the original taste of ingredients. ◆ With pressure cooking, delicious usual dishes ● If it is a microcomputer electric pressure cooker, the usual dish is also finished up a notch. Curry and stew, meat and potatoes, boiled horn of swine, brackish radish and potoff, more deliciously finished with pressure cooking. ◆ Easy pressure cooking 3 steps ● The microcomputer electric pressure cooker is controlled by a microcomputer. So just press the button after putting the material. Exquisite cuisine is completed in only 3 steps. ◆ 8 convenient preset menus equipped ● Since pressurization time suitable for each has been set beforehand, it is not necessary to set up troublesome just by pressing the button. Furthermore, since it is possible to adjust 5 minutes before and after, you can also adjust it to the softness of your choice. ◆ Free pressure cooking in your favorite mode ● If you like your favorite mode you can also set free pressure time, you can adjust to your favorite softness. If you are comfortable with the pressure cooker, your favorite mode that allows you to set free pressure cooking is convenient. Since it is possible to change the time to apply pressure in 1 minute increments from 1 minute to 60 minutes, it is also recommended for advanced users.
Dimensions: 1079 x 1110 x 1323
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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