Simax 2.4 Quart Oval Casserole with Lid

Simax 2.4 quart oval casseroles are multi-purpose dishes for smaller sized roasting and family casseroles. Great for microwave cooking since foods get hotter at the edges than in the center of the dish. The oval shape allows the dish to be tilted during cooking and juices will gather in the curved end where they can be readily scooped up and spread over the roast. The oval shape makes it easier to stir solid ingredients and move them to the center of the dish. Casseroles can be baked in the borosilicate glass dish and whisked out of the oven and placed directly on the table. The tight fitting lid will contain moisture and heat so the homemaker can cook slowly at lower temperatures. Wash the Simax glass in the dishwasher or warm soapy water and the dish will always look new.
Dimensions: 900 x 940 x 1830
Size: 2.4 Quart, Oval
Package quantity: 1

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