Cello Alpha Insulated Food Warmer Server Casserole Hot Pot, 10-Liter

Overview Why worry when you have the Cello alpha plastic casserole to keep you merry? It is designed especially to keep your yummy dishes hot and fresh just as straight from oven till the serving time comes. Available at Snapdeal at affordable prices, book yours and unleash the chef in you! Durable Casseroles The Cello alpha plastic casserole is a perfect investment to be made if you want your products to be hard-wearing and strong. This is a great durable casserole dishes that toils flawlessly for the long haul. Also designed keeping in mind, easy usage, it is sure to give you a sigh of satisfaction right from the moment you start using it. Warm Food for Long Hours The outer body of this sturdy casserole is engineered with of BPA-free, food-grade plastic that helps in keeping the food safe and healthy. And the inner body is made up out of non-magnetic stainless steel that helps you in keeping your food warm and crisp for a long time. Designed for Convenience With a simple and functional lid for easy use, the Cello alpha plastic casserole comes with an easy twist-n-lift grip and locking insert that enables you to easily remove and lock the lid, sealing the freshness and hotness of the food for long hours. The handles also make it easy while handling and serving food at the table. Cello is India's largest manufacturer of plastic products and is an Rs.1000 crore company. Cello is a trusted household name offering a vast range of writing instruments, thermo -insulated ware, vacuum ware and moulded furniture. Cello was conferred prestigious PLEXCONCIL AWARD for outstanding performance 18 times in a row and is synonymous with superior quality.
Dimensions: 941 x 1402 x 1409
Size: 10-Liter
Color: White
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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