DESLON Omelet Pan Nonstick Quartz Maifan Stone Healthy Frying Pans 10.24 Inch

About Us:  German Industrial Revolution began to spread throughout the whole manufacturing industry in the 19th century. German kitchenware manufacturing technology began to develop and the culture of kitchenware was beginning to prevail.  As the senior brand of kitchenware, DESLON renders the leading manufacturing technology of German kitchenware perfectly in the wide world by combining the noble lineage of the Rhine with the Oriental culture. Besides, DESLON is always committed to building the philosophical culture of kitchenware. He perfectly combines intelligent, rigorous, strong German culture with modern fashion and humanistic philosophy. DESLON comes into thousands of families with the products, brand effect is more and more prominent.  How to Use?  √ 1.  Please wash it with detergent, and apply a layer of edible oil for the first time, which can protect the coating. pot.  √ 2.  Please note don't heat empty pot for too long, it's harmful to coating. √ 3.  Please gently clean it with soft cloth when washing, also please use wood or silicone Spatula when cooking. √ 4.  Please don't cook hard food like conch, or would scratch the wall of the pan.
Dimensions: 394 x 1083 x 1752
Size: 10.24"
Color: Red
Condition: New

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