13" Grease Splatter Screen + Silicone Glove. High Density Stainless Steel Mesh. Perfect Splatter Guard Fit For All Frying Pans, Skillets. Protects Your Hands And Kitchen. No More Oil Spils.

PROTECTS FROM HOT OIL AND KEEPS KITCHEN CLEAN Reduce By Up To 97% Grease and Oil Splashes! The Zenn United grease splatter protector with an ultra-fine mesh stainless steel, which keeps popping and splashing grease and oil from touching anything other than the screen itself! HEAVY DUTY 13-INCH SPLATTER SCREEN WITH RESTING FEET The resting feet keep the screen stable on a pan/wok and its greasy side off the countertop. The tool will save its original form and last for years thanks to thick stainless steel and rustproof wire mesh. UNIVERSAL SIZE MULTI USE SPLATTER SCREEN Thanks to our splash screen being ultra-versatile, YOU can also use it as a: STRAINER- for spaghetti, pasta, vegetables; STEAMER- for veggies and light fish to cook; COOLING RACK - for cookies and hot pots; From Small Pots to Big Pans and Large Skillets - This Screen Covers Them All The big 13-inch size fits easily over any pot or pan in your kitchen. Will never rust, chip or crack. Cook with confidence! EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE Our splatter guard is dishwashable! It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Plus a Bonus Heat resistant Silicone Glove Just click 'add to cart' and join our satisfied customers;Welcome to the Zenn United Family!
Dimensions: 150 x 1200 x 1800
Size: 13 inch
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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