Frying Pan Die-Casting Aluminum Pans Induction Nonstick Square Pan Granite Coating Scratch Resistant Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free 2.4L 9.5 Inch -Green

COOKLOVER 1pc nonstick granite coating fry pan,inner diameter 9.5",handle 6.89",2.35lb,2.4L,indcution bottom,aluminum body,soft touch silicone handle and knob with beautiful wood design. Nonstick cookware instructions to the user: 1. Before first use,please tear up the label,then rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. 2. Should use the heat-resistant nylon,plastic or wooden spatulas for cooking in order to avoid the sharp or metal appliance that damages the surface of the nonstick pan. 3. Nonstick cookware features safe use and heat transmission,just need to use medium to low heat while cooking then it can produce delicious and tasty food.Must have the food or water in the pan if using the high heat. 4. Our qualified nonstick coating is extremely stable substance;acid resistant,alkaline resistant,not easy to react with other chemicals, so you can rest assured that use. 5. Why the cook wares'exterior also coated with non-stick coating?The rinse will be easy for both insides and outsides. It won't cause problems for rinsing even the food sauce spilled on outsides. 6. Is it harmful to people if the nonstick surface fall off and mix in the food? Qualified nonstick surface is absolute safe and non-toxic. It isn't absorbed by the body even it's inhaled;it can be effectively eliminated from the body.In general,use properly,the nonstick surface is not easy to fall off. COOKLOVER's cookware designed for reliable everyday cooking, we firmly believe that the world most attractive natural and cultural elements for more pleasant living and dining experience. Art of kitchen, preparing,serving,cooking and enjoying.
Dimensions: 150 x 650 x 2059
Size: inch
Color: Green
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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