LaCena 28cm Inoble Frying Pan Die-Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Pan

Lacena cookware items are all made of Die-casting aluminum. Due to this technology, the products get unique shapes without any assembling's, pins, screws, welding's, etc. Why is it so important? - Products are smooth inside/out - so no food remaining sticks in between - Main point is that the heat distribution is optimal - no cold spots on the surfaces which leads to even cooking having extreme influence on the food taste & texture. The products are light, strong and long lasting. The utensil does not band under heat and shape distortions. Due to the excellent heat distribution - these products are energy efficient. Which types of non-stick coatings are used these products: the die-casting aluminum products can be coated with big variety of coatings - we use mainly two of them: INOBLE is the best non-stick coating technology. The ability to prevent food from sticking and the improvement of durability are key features in inoble and has been recognized by granted patent technologies. The dot layer of inoble has an average height of about 50 to 150 μm. Means scratches resistance. LaCena's INOBLE products are clearly distinguishable from existing similar products in terms of coating thickness and performance. Inoble has considerably improved wear resistance which is required for long-term durability. This wear resistance has been verified by regulated domestic and foreign institutions. Inoble has a superior binding force compared to existing PTEF coated cooking utensils. This allows for excellent durability during cooking. CERAMIC - The aluminum die-casting surface allows for an excellent non-stick coating. This type of coating is more recommended for pots and casseroles. CERAMIC COATING generates far fewer rays which ensure it is a very safe method of cooking. Helps to retain the natural flavors of the ingredients. The Ceramic Coating is PFOA & PTFE chemically free. Our ceramic coating allows for easy cleaning of all LaCena equipment.
Dimensions: 394 x 1161 x 1909
Size: 28cm
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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