Riverlight Kiwame Iron Omelette Pan (Tamago yaki pan) - Large

Extreme rust-resistance, easy to take care of - Dream Iron Frying Pan! This is a remarkable iron frying pan, created by a Japanese company through years of trial and error. All these frying pans are handmade, and embody the pride of the artists who created them. This is a MUST-HAVE frying pan for professionals and home cooks alike. Extremely easy to take care of, and comes with a manual: this is a great pan for beginners, as well. â– Special features Compared to ordinary iron frying pan, much more no-stick surface. Stores lots of heat, and fully transfers it to the food, making for crisp stir-fry, and aromatic roasts. Naturally adds dietary iron to all food prepared with it. Compared to ordinary iron frying pans, it is much easier to clean. Can be used for many years: highly resistant to scratches, strong, and durable. Can be used with all stoves, including 200vIH (electromagnetic cookers) However, please be aware that the following woks can not be used with IH cookers, as those stove's smaller surface areas (12cm or less) won't provide enoguh heat: 16cm and 18cm frying pans 20cm stir-fry pans tamago yaki pans Asian pans 27cm Peking pans 27cm pans When you receive your pan, the color will be charcoal grey, indicating that it has had our nitriding treatment. This makes it extremely resistant to rust. This treatment will occasionally result in a distinctive uneven coloring, but this has absolutely no effect on the iron nitride and iron oxide layers, or on the pan's performance. The coloring will disappear with use.
Size: Large
Color: Brown
Condition: New

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