SUMNACON Sprouting Jar Lids Kits - Stainless Steel Sprouting Lids and Sprouting Stands With Water Tray For Wide Mouth Mason Jars,Sprouting Jar Lid Kit For Making Broccoli/Lentil/Bean Sprouts

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Sprouting Instructions: For a quart-sized jar, start with 1 1/2 table spoons seeds inside the jar, screw on the fine mesh sprouting lid and partially fill the jar through the sprout jar lids with warm water, not hot Swirl it around to clean the seeds, then pour out. Refill with warm water to cover at about 3 times their depth & let soak overnight, away from light. This gets the germination process started Pour off the soak water. Find a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Place drained jar propped at angles allow any extra water to drain out. Turn the jar to spread out the seed. Cover the jar with the sprout jar lids and a dishtowel and leave for 3 to 4 hours. Rinse sprouts with cool, fresh water 2 or 3 times each day until they are ready to eat or refrigerate. When they begin to throw off the seed hulls, let the jar with sprout jar lids installed overflow with the water and the hulls will float out the top through the sprouting lid screen. Turn the jar to spread out the seed each time you rinsePour the sprouts into a pan or sink of clean water. Skim off any remaining hulls that float to the surface. Other hulls will fall to the bottom of the container. Pull out the sprouts, gently shake off excess moisture and drain in a colanderWHY YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS SPROUTING JAR LID KIT?A simple stand to drain the sprouts is perfect.If you want to sprout in Jars, this set is the perfect way to top your Jars.These stainless steel lids are DURABLE and SCREW ON EASILY. They are easy clean and can be sterilized in boiling water.LONG LASTING the sturdy mesh sprouting screens can be removed easily for cleaning and storage. Package: 2* Sprouting jar lids2* Sprouting StandsImportant: Do not place them in salt water, and keep dry.
Dimensions: 563 x 563 x 571
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