Sprouting Jar Lid Kit With Stands

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Trellis + Co. - Freshly Engineered EleganceWe are a family business created by a bioengineer living on a homestead in one of the remotest areas in the Lower 48. When "running to the store" is a 4-hour drive, every purchase must be a robust and functional investment. Here at Trellis + Co. we design products worth investing in.Improved DesignWe addressed all the threading issues mentioned in our negative reviews with this revised design!Why Mason Jars?Our sprouting kit was born out of a quest for durable efficiency. When not in use, mason jars take up a lot of space so we reuse them as often as possible. We avoid plastic because it always breaks. Because mason jars are so versatile, this kit also works great for sifting or drinking loose-leaf tea. Why 100% Stainless Steel?After all our plastic sprouting lids broke, we knew there had to be a better solution. When we tried to buy a new set we realized that every option on the market was either plastic, which breaks, or normal steel, which rusts immediately. Why buy sprouting equipment that is guaranteed to break or contaminate your sprouts with rust? That is why we developed these 100% stainless steel screens and rings. Pro bioengineers use 100% stainless steel, why shouldn't you? Patent-Pending DesignWe pursued a patent on the bowl-shape of the screen because, well, that's what engineers do. Seriously though, it keeps the sprouts off the counter and tremendously assists aeration and water drainage. It goes a long way to prevent the funk from overtaking your precious sprouts. As a side note, in the event of an unwanted microbial invasion, this happens to be the only kit out there that can be boiled to ensure sterility. Other kits would melt or rust.What's In The Package?100% Bio-based BagWide Mouth Rings, 316 Stainless SteelWide Mouth Curved Mesh Screens, 304 Stainless Steel
Size: Sprouting Kit With Stands, 2
Condition: New

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