Silicone Stretch Lids 6 pack of Various Sizes Durable and Reusable Food Covers Keep your food fresh longer

KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH LONGER! The best alternative to plastic wrap that you need. If you are trying to save money, struggling with missing lids and having to much waste of plastic wrap, we present to you the essential kitchen accessory to have "S&R Silicone Stretch Lids" With these food covers you will: 1.SAVE MONEY in food, keeping FRESH leftovers for another dish and no more expenses in disposables plastic wraps; these lids really seal and stay. 2. ENJOY food crisp for extended periods of time and not see any spill, DUE TO the airtight seal. - It is best when the sealing surface is DRY. 3.FIT containers of many shapes and sizes and food pieces themselves, avoiding container transfer. 4. Feel FREE of your effort to find a matching lid again with the multi-use and stretchy food covers. 5.HAVE 6 lids that are BPA free, Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, additionally, they resist to 450° f, so you can reheat your meal in a couple of minutes. 6. Get one package of 6 different size lids: 8.3 inch diameter: stretches to 11 inch diameter 6.5 inch diameter: stretches to 9 inch diameter 5.7 inch diameter: stretches to 8 inch diameter 4.5 inch diameter: stretches to 6 inch diameter 3.7 inch diameter: stretches to 5 inch diameter 2.6 inch diameter: stretches to 3.5 inch diameter You can have these practical lids that fit all your mugs, cups, bowls, fruits and pots just clicking on BUY NOW.
Dimensions: 161 x 780 x 799
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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