Green Silicone Lid Covers Set - 5 Reusable Flat Covers For Food, Bowls, Pans, Cups, Pots And More – Includes large almost 14” | Stretchable Suction Seals With Airtight Rims | Bonus Recipe Ebook

Culinary Couture's Silicone Lids Will Make Life In The Kitchen Much Easier Did you prepare a sweet you need to leave it aside? Don't let it uncovered on a dish! Dust can stick to it and it can get dry. Seal it with the Silicone Lids to keep it fresh for longer. The airtight Cover with the silicone rims will not let the air get in or escape. Use it also to keep food warm or as a Lid for your pans while you are frying or boiling food. It can stand up to 450F. 5 Practical Silicone Lids In 5 Different Sizes This is a set of 5 Silicone Seals and each one of them has a different size. In fact, the inches of the Covers are: • 6" • 8" • 10" • 12" • 14" However, each Lid size covers a pot that is smaller. For example, the 14'' Lid is used for a 12 or 13 inch pot. So you can cover anything you want; glasses, mugs, bottles, jars, bowls and pans. The airtight, spill proof design will keep your food protected and fresh. Silicone Lids For A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Forget all about disposable plastic wraps. You can now cover your food with these reusable Suction Lids. Their durable, environmentally safe material is dishwasher safe and it can be used again and again and again. The material is also safe for your health, since it is BPA free and without phthalates. The Lids are made with 100% food grade Silicone. A Free Bonus Gift And A Generous Guarantee Your new Silicone Lid set comes with a lovely gift! A free e-book full of delicious soup recipes to try at home. So get your very own Silicone Lid set and try it out. If neither the Silicone Lids nor the e-book satisfy you, don't worry about it. Thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee you can get a full refund! Simply let us know and we will do the rest. Don't Miss Out! Add The Silicone Lid Covers To Your Cart NOW!
Dimensions: 102 x 1382 x 1661
Color: Green
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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