Becozier Premium Silicone Stretch Lids with 6 Various Sizes, Reusable BPA Free Sealed Cover For Mixing Bowl Cup Bakeware Dish Jar and Food Container,Microwave Oven Dishwasher Safe,6 pack

Becozier silicone lids. Keep your food perfect and fresh, just like in a 5 star hotel! With the 6 different sizes of lids, it's easy to cover nearly any food container. -7.9 inch lid stretches up to 10 inches. Excellent for an extra large salad bowl, Cuisinart mixing bowl, 1 gallon paint can. -6.3 inch lid stretches up to 8.8 inches. Use on most large bowls and will also fit large cut fruit such as watermelon -5.5 inch lid stretches to 7.8 inches. Works well on cut melon, mixing bowls or soup bowls. -4.3 inch lid stretches to 5.8 inches. Use on an average bowl, small Tupperware dishes, bento boxes, or 1 quart paint can. -3.5 inch lid stretches to 4.8 inches. Works well for large yogurts, grape fruit, coffee mug, beer mugs and small bowls. -2.6 inch lid stretches to 3.8 inches. Easily use on a fruit cup, small yogurt, apple, orange, onion, pet food can or even a wine glass. HOW TO USE? -To ensure a snug fit, please make sure the surfaces of the bowl and the lid are completely dry. -Make sure to start at the edge of the bowl closest to you and stretch away from you to the other side of the bowl HOW TO WASH? -100% machine washable, safe for dishwasher. PLEASE BE NOTED -Be sure to keep lid partially open when you heat food in microwave oven to allow steam to escape. -Please allow 0.5-1 cm measurement errors.
Dimensions: 280 x 291 x 831
Size: Medium
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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