Calphalon 1833953 AccuCore Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Cover, 8-Quart

Calphalon AccuCore Stainless Steel cookware is made from 5 individual metal layers with a responsive copper core that heats - and cools - evenly to help maintain a more consistent temperature across the entire pan. Exceptionally even heating ensures optimum cooking performance. Two inner layers of aluminum also efficiently conduct heat, while stainless steel outer layers create a beautiful, durable surface that is dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is an exceptionally versatile cooking surface and is the best choice for high-temperature techniques such as searing and deglazing. Ergonomic, stay-cool stainless steel.
Dimensions: 920 x 1180 x 1410
Size: 8-quart
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1

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