MULTI USE: Veggie Steamer Basket and Spill Stopper Lid Cover | Cook Healthy by Steaming Vegetables | Boil Guard Prevents Pots from Boiling Over If Unattended | Made of FDA Food Grade Silicone | Green

BENEFITS OF STEAMING VEGETABLES 1. RETAINS VITAMINS AND MINERALS - Helps to preserve cancer-fighting properties in vegetables such as broccoli. When broccoli is steamed, it retains 81% vitamin C, and only 30% when cooked in water. Flavonoids loss is only 11% when steamed, but when cooked in water it loses 66% and 97% in the microwave. Steaming vegetables is also an excellent way to make your very own healthy preservative free baby food. 2. PRESERVES THE TASTE, COLOR, JUICE AND SHAPE - Steaming helps to retain the original color, taste and juices of the food. It also helps to keep the shape of the food, unlike boiling which can turn into mash or puree. 3. NO OIL REQUIRED - Steam cooking does not require the use of oil and is a much healthier alternative. HOW TO STEAM VEGETABLES 1. Fill the pot halfway with water and bring to boil. 2. Put the Spill Stopper on top of pot. 3. Add cut vegetables and cover with the lid of the pot. 4. Check the vegetables after a few minutes. Broccoli and asparagus will cook in a few minutes. Harder vegetables like carrots and potatoes will take longer.
Dimensions: 130 x 1000 x 1210
Color: Green
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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