Nordic Ware MIcrowave Micro-Go-Round 10 Inch

Heavy duty, top of the line Micro-Go-Round is for mid and full size microwave ovens. Automatic start/stop weight activated switch automatically starts unit when food is placed on it. Placing a weighted item on turntable releases it to unwind which will make it revolve in the microwave. When the item is removed, the table will stop turning. You must re-wind each use. If the product still isn’t working, we have a 5 year warranty through the Nordic Ware website. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware. This 10-inch Micro-Go-Round turntable eliminates the infamously uneven heating that can turn soup into a risky escapade (will the next sip be scorching or cold?) or transform a frozen dinner into, well, something still half frozen. Weight-activated to begin rotating, the roomy round tool has a steady spring-powered movement that capitalizes on the active microwaves to cook all parts of food equally. Suitable for midsized and large microwave ovens, the Micro-Go-Round is a smart, space-efficient solution-perhaps sometimes it is a good idea to recreate the wheel.
Dimensions: 160 x 1070 x 1240
Size: None
Color: White
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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