Essenso Chambery Cast Iron Braiser with Four-Layer Enamel Interior and Exterior, Orange, 3.5 Quart

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Braising is a combination cooking method that uses both moist and dry heat to break down tough cuts of meat and tenderize vegetables. Enamel cast iron pots with their ability to maintain a high, even heat are perfect for pan searing the meat to brown it and lock in the flavor, and the tight-fitting lid with basting drops traps the moisture inside and distibutes it evenly for richer, smoother flavor. The four layers of exterior glazed enamel are highly resistant to cracking and chipping. The smooth durable enamel interior won't rust, never needs seasoning, and makes food release a snap. A perfect combination of design and functionality this robust pan is suitable for all cooking stovetops including: ceramic, electrical, gas, induction and even over a campfire. The Chambery series of cast-iron products is made with high quality multi-layer glazed coated enamel exteriors and smooth enamel interiors that won't rust and never need seasoning. Using only the highest quality anti-bacterial materials to manufacturer its products, Essenso combines authentic and traditional craftmanship with innovative design and bring novelty to kitchens around the world. Care: Using harsh detergents is not recommended. Clean by softening the product in warm water and then removing the residues with a non-scouring sponge. We recommend using silicone or wooden kitchen utensils. Dishwasher use not recommended. Dishwasher detergents may corrode your product and damage it over the long term.
Dimensions: 370 x 1320 x 1490
Condition: New

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