Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers - Red Stripes | Set of 3 - Small, Medium, Large | 100% Cotton Cloth with Elastic Edging | Eco friendly, Washable and Reusable

Earth BunnyTM Fabric Bowl Covers are an easy and stylish way to cover and protect your food. Great news! No more aluminum foil and plastic wraps, opt for these beautiful, eco-friendly, washable and reusable bowl covers. SAVE SERVING TIME! Eliminate messy food transfers when refrigerating and reheating. No more tirelessly washing dish after dish. These covers are great to keep leftovers and fresh food covered in their serving bowls. SAVE FOOD PREP TIME! Use these for an easy way to proof your dough. Place these sturdy 100% cotton cloth bowl covers over the bowl, let your dough double in size in the perfect environment. SAVE MONEY! It's Retro. Mom's of the 1950s knew a thing or two about being "green". Borrow grandma's secret and enjoy these easy use flexible more durable bowl covers today! It's What the Pros Use. Top Chef's have been using bowl covers for years. These sturdy little workhorses are long-lasting, just wash & dry, and use again & again! SAVE YOUR PICNIC! Like to enjoy family meal outdoors? Our strong elastic edges tightly grip around the bowls to keep flying and crawling things out of your dish, food stays delicious, fresh and bug-free. This 3-piece set is handcrafted in graduated sizes, 1-Sm., 1-Med., 1-Lrg., ranges from 6" to 13" in diameters. Earth BunnyTM is a family business from deep in the heart of Texas, we are honored to be makers of "your family-friendly lifestyle products"! Slip these into your cart and onto your bowls today! (Also available in blue-stripes)Click the "Add To Cart" button to find out why these little time-savers will be your new favorite kitchen aid!
Dimensions: 130 x 640 x 1170
Size: 3 cover sizes incl.: 1 - Sm., 1 - Med., 1 - Lrge.
Color: Red Stripes
Package quantity: 3
Condition: New

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