Kitchen Winners Silicone Suction Lids - Set of 5 Food Covers - Fits Various Sizes of Cups, Bowls, Pans, or Containers

Food Safety Kitchen Tool This silicone lid set is an essential kitchenware that is environmentally friendly and safe. Use these to keep food fresh and leftovers hygienically stored on the table or in the refrigerator. Universal Cover and Seal Lid The lightweight and non-breakable silicone material makes it safe to use even when there's children around. It's every homemakers' ideal kitchen ware material that is stain-resistant, easy to clean -dishwasher safe, and convenient to store. It also features a suction like seal on glass and ceramic bowls and containers that have smooth rims. Economical Choice Using silicone lids is economical compared to using plastic food wrap or aluminum foil. It is a money-saving option that does away with unnecessary waste or garbage. It is definitely a simple solution that can be reused and with this set, it comes with 5 size varieties in fun colors for your mugs, serving dishes, skillets, and bowls.
Dimensions: 160 x 1170 x 1260
Color: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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