Savannah Kitchen Large Indoor / Outdoor Non-Stick Stovetop Smoker (15.75" x 3.75" x 11.25") for Mouthwatering Holiday Smoked Ham, Turkey, Wings, Salmon, Steak, BBQ, Ribs, Corn, Meat, Fish, Veggies

High-End Yet Affordable Highly durable and versatile Savannah kitchen stovetop smoker is designed to facilitate an exciting way to prepare delicious food that retains its natural flavor. Affordable and designed to transform everyday food into delectable smoked holiday treats with untainted flavor, it adds to the sumptuous experience of eating smoked cheese, meat, seafood, poultry dishes, and vegetables. Ability to retain moisture assures that you don't have to feel the pain of eating excessively dried meals. The state-art-design is a delight for every food lover for its unique feature to improve the taste of the smoked food without oil or fats. It ensures smoke pass through in a manner that does not dissipate externally and make the cooking outcome delectable assuring you have healthy and tasty meals in no time. Use the unit indoors or outdoors over an open flame or electrical heat sources. Solid stainless steel construction makes the stovetop smoker a durable product, which is easy to clean up and makes a perfect size for a happy family. The lid covers up the smoke, ensuring your house doesn't smell smoky, whether you smoke trout, salmon, meat, cheese, sausages, chicken, tofu, or pork chops. It can be removed and replaced by aluminum foils when you smoke larger items. With Savannah kitchen stovetop, you can add enhanced flavors to food without the use of fats or salt and no added calories. The affordable product makes a perfect grilling gift set for a smoked food lover, and offer you features equally matched to the overpriced popular stovetop smoker on the market. Enjoy tender, juicy, and flavorful results dished out quickly and carefully, without fuss or guesswork.
Dimensions: 430 x 1110 x 1640
Size: 15.75" L x 3.75" H x 11.25" W
Color: Black
Package quantity: 4
Condition: New

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