Magma Reversible Non-Stick Griddle, 8" X 17"

Take charge of meal time and serve like a pro with a new Magma cast aluminum "non-stick" griddle / grill pan. This 8"X17" rectangular, heavy duty pan, constructed entirely of 400 series cast aluminum feature a "non-stick" coating. The "non-stick" coating makes cooking any meal simple and clean up becomes effortless. Extremly durable and versatile this reversible, griddle is ideal for breakfasts with family and friends; flip it over and you've got a grill for cooking sizzling meats and veggies. A deep drainage channel on the grilling side keeps th grease away from the cooking surface; while the griddle has a high tappered rim to keep food in place and reducing the amount of cooking mess. A removable, rubber coated, handle lets you move food from the cooking surface to the serving platters with ease, allowing you to cook andnserve without the worries of getting burned. Dishwasher and oven safe you'll never run out of recipes to try on this handy kitchen tool. Whatever your cooking preference, Magma's griddle/grill pan is just what you've been looking for.
Dimensions: 190 x 870 x 1730
Size: 8-Inch X 17-Inch
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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