Silicone Stretch Lids Reusable 8 Pack (BONUS LARGE XXL AND XL SIZES) Food Covers, Round, Rectangle, Square Shapes, Platters, Dishes, Bowls, Pots, Containers, Jars, Cans, Cups and Glasses

We were asked to supply large lids and here they are.You will wonder how you ever managed to live without these!! Your friends will be envious when they see these in action OUR PREMIUM GRADE SILICONE LIDS are more cost effective than plastic wrap and foil alternatives. The average family WILL RECOUP THE COST OF THESE LIDS IN THE FIRST MONTH when you move away from old ways of covering food. Be healthy!! GREAT WAY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS HEALTH - Plastic is known to cause health problems by using Silicone Lids that can be avoided - REUSABLE OVER AND OVER - They stretch, fold, expand, fit all container shapes and sizes Oh and are airtight so when you travel to friends with food it will not spill in the car. The images show what they can do, simply this is the best size range. Most useful are the small and large lids. We know this from using these lids and that is why you have 3 small lids that can fit glasses, opened cans, cream containers etc. Whilst the 2 large lids expand to fit most food bowls or containers. The in between sizes are exactly that they are a cover all. ROUND, SQUARE, RECTANGLE, JUGS WITH SPOUTS or smooth rimmed pots, plates - no problem with these lids. Tips for using are emailed to every purchaser so that you can get the best out of your purchase. Click Add to Cart at the top of the page and relax, knowing you made the right choice. Consider purchasing another set for a neighbor who has seen yours and wants to try them out!
Dimensions: 150 x 394 x 1260
Size: 2.56in,4.53in,5.74in,6.50in,9.45in,11.02in
Color: Clear
Package quantity: 8
Condition: New

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