MOWO Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers 100% Food Grade Silicone Skillet or Pan Lids, Microwave Covers, Bowl Covers, FDA Approved, Set of 6, Green

Silicone lids: 6-PACK,4"6"8"10"12"14" ▶Food Safety FDA approved and BPA free Kitchen Tool ▶Environmentally friendly and safe kitchenware. Economical Choice ▶Stain-resistant, easy to clean -dishwasher safe, convenient to store. ▶Keep food fresh and leftovers hygienically. ▶Lightweight and non-breakable silicone material. ▶Universal Cover and Seal Lid,especially on glass and ceramic bowls and containers Instructions • Ensure the silicone lid has a 1-inch overhang over the bowl, pan or container so that it will seal properly. • To create an airtight seal, place the lid over a smooth rimmed surface and gently push down the center of the lid. • To remove the silicone lid, pull the handle to release. •Notice: Microwave safe but do take care when removing the silicone lid - escaping steam is very hot and can scald. NOTICE: Caring for your silicone lids and stretch lids • Safe to use in the oven or freezer, between -40°C/40°F to 230°C/446°F • Dishwasher safe or hand-wash with mild soap. • Do not wash with abrasive products. • To avoid water spots caused by phosphate-free dishwasher detergents, add some white vinegar or a non-toxic rinse aid to your wash cycle. • Certain foods such as tomato-based sauces can stain silicone. If the stain is not removed during dishwasher cycle, try soaking the lid in some baking soda and water overnight before washing again. • Do not cut with sharp cutting utensils. • Do not carry bowls or containers by the lid handle.
Dimensions: 110 x 1290 x 1290
Color: Green
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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