6 Money-Saving Silicone Stretch Lids with BONUS Pot Holder Trivet | 3 Colors | Reusable, Expandable, Durable, Versatile Food Covers | for Bowls, Containers, Cans, Mason Jars, Mugs

Keep leftovers fresh, conserving fruits and avoiding plastic foil or aluminum wrap. Stop wasting food with the super handy silicone stretch lids from ARUA home, premium must-haves in any kitchen. Choose the environmental and practical option to create an air tight seal on most containers and bowls. We promise you'll find multiples uses for these expandable lids and many cost & time saving benefits. They are designed to work well on Pyrex, anchor, corning ware, corelle, or any other plastic or metal containers. Attention! Make sure the lids and the containers are dry before putting them on in order to create a perfect air tight seal. You'll get 6 practical sizes and a bonus trivet: 2.55 in/ 3.74 in/ 4.53 in/ 5.71 in/ 6.5 in/ 8.27 in and they stretch up to 35%. What to use them for? Store leftovers to be fresh the next day. Fruits (watermelons, apples, pineapple, lemon) to prevent oxidation. Keep salad fresh. Reheat food & prevent spills or splashes in the kitchen or fridge. Open mason jars easily. Seal bowls, dishes, plates, mason jars, mugs. And protect your table top and kitchen bench from hot pans, cookware or bakeware with the handy silicone hot mat, which comes as a bonus. Choose the color you like and "add it to cart" now to get this high value item at a limited time low price and to receive the free 100 ways to keep food fresh longer digital guide (pdf eBook) with 25 pages of information rich & cost-saving advice.
Dimensions: 181 x 780 x 787
Color: Clear
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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