Black Clay, La Chamba Flat Stew Pot - Medium - 3 Quarts

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Like the round casserole, the Flat Casserole is perfect for the slow cooking of stews and casseroles, but due to its low profile, perfect for rice and seafood stews such as Mariscada. Their flat bottom shape are well suited for gas or electric ranges, and perfect for placing in an oven for finishing those rice dishes slowly. Since clay is a natural and porous material, it does not react with the food and cause a slow evaporation of steam from the pores. The moist enclosed interior results in food that is healthier, tastier, and moist requiring less fat and liquids. The beautiful black finish makes for a great presentation for family style service. Black Clay, La Chamba Cookware, is well-known and used throughout Colombia in restaurants and homes for preparing and serving traditional dishes such as Ajiaco. Its origins can be traced back at least 700 years to vases and pitchers found in pre-Columbian archaeological sites. It is still made in the traditional manner, by families in a small village on the banks of the Magdalena River in Central Colombia. Each piece is hand-made using local area clays, then hand burnished with a stone. The pieces are then fired in the village, giving them the distinctive black color and elegant look. The pieces heat very evenly and retain heat for a long period and can be used in the oven, the microwave or on a gas or electric stovetop, and can go directly to the table for a sophisticated presentation. Because the pieces are unglazed, they are completely natural and safe and contain no toxins or lead, and the porous nature of the unglazed clay allows the slow evaporation of steam and produce food that is healthier, tastier, and moist using less fat. Black Clay, La Chamba, Cookware is not only beautiful, but it is also quite sturdy and will last many years with proper use and care. A product guide provided outlines a guide for Use and Care, as well as Curing instruction.
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