AUS-ION Skillet, 10.2" (26cm), 100% Made in Sydney, 3mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware

The 10.2" (26cm) Skillet With Smooth Finish by AUS-ION is 100% made in Sydney from one seamless piece of 3mm thick Australian sheet iron. A traditional fry pan for most jobs, with 2" high sides. AUS-ION cookware is built to last with all of the features and details professional chefs look for in a pan: high quality, comfortable to use and easy to clean. The seamless, one-piece construction means there are no rivets, so there is nothing for food or steel wool particles to get caught in. The handles are ergonomically designed with a wide, concave shape which is more comfortable to use with better control and less hand fatigue. And the generous venting in the handle neck reduces heat transfer for a cooler handle. The pans cook like cast iron but are lighter weight, they heat evenly and will not warp. The entire pan is naturally pre-seasoned for a healthy nonstick option; It is not coated like many steel pan brands, so it arrives ready to cook, no stripping necessary. AUS-ION pans are suitable for use at high heat over any heat source. For best results, follow our instructions. To clean: after cooking, use a wooden utensil or steel wool to gently scrape pan under hot running water. It is best to clean while the pan is still very warm. If necessary, you may use a brush, but be careful not to take off too much of that beautiful seasoning that you have built up! Do not use soap, as it will erode the seasoning. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel while the pan is still warm. If the pan is still relatively new, return to the stove top and wipe the interior of the pan with a small amount of oil, heat until smoking. Then, using tongs, wipe off the excess oil.
Dimensions: 650 x 1225 x 2200
Size: 10.2"
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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