12 Piece, 8.5 Ounce Glass Decorative Mason Jar for Canning / Storing with Airtight Gold Metal Lid, - Bundled With Cloth

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The Quattro Stagioni Collection of home-canning jars includes various sizes of jars, each designed with a charming old world Italian motif and sealed with a signature gold metal lid. The perfect decorative jars for everyday use, its pleasing to the eye decor makes for classic desserts in a jar! Perfect for gift giving, just add a cloth topper and bow to make them a real standout gift. These elegant jars offer many different uses in the kitchen, from storing dry food items such as pasta, flour, sugar, ground coffee or spices, to preserving fruits, vegetables, sauces or jams to keep fresh for up to one-year hence the name Quattro Stagioni which means four seasons in Italian. For best results follow these easy to read instructions: SEALING - The most important step in getting the jars to seal is to not over-tighten the lids! The air in the jar expands when heated and escapes through microscopic pores, creating a vacuum. Overtightening won't allow the air to escape. FINGERTIP TIGHT - Use ONLY your fingertips to screw the lid on. With just the strength of your thumb and four fingers, screw the lid on firmly. Only the tips of your fingers should touch the lid when fastening. WATERBATH - The jars with their hot contents need to be completely submerged in water no hotter than regular tap. Once the water comes to a boil on the stove, the 8.5 oz jars need to remain in the boiling water for 25 minutes. LAST STEP - Move the canner off the heat and let the jars remain under water to cool - don't take them out of the water. Within five minutes of removing the canner you should hear the metal "snap" of the lid as the vacuum seal is completed. Once the water is cool enough to put your fingers in, you can remove the jars and let them cool completely on the counter. Be sure to handle the jars by the neck of the jar, not the lid. And resist the urge to tighten the lid even more after the canning process, it may break the seal. Happy Canning!
Dimensions: 600 x 1330 x 1640
Size: 8.5 oz
Color: Clear

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