Anolon 46310 Vesta Cast Iron Cookware Skillet, 12", Cobalt Blue

Reinterpret and reinvent traditional cast iron cooking and create some new classics along the way with the beautiful, durable Angolan(r) Vestal(tm) Cast Iron Cookware 12-Inch Skillet. Named for the classic goddess of the hearth, Angolan(r) Vestal(tm) Cast Iron cookware merges cast iron's superior heat absorption and retention with distinctive stovetop style and performance. Oven suitable and broiler safe, this gourmet cast iron skillet is so versatile and beautiful that it can go in style from stove to oven to table. Suitable for all cooktops including induction, the elegant skillet is ideal for your own version of traditional dishes - put a creative spin on a smoked trout hash for breakfast, refresh a couple of midday grilled cheese sandwiches with some artisanal Carlsberg, and sear flank steaks to sizzling perfection for dinner. In any season, without cast-iron seasoning required, the stain-resistant black matte enamel interiors of Angolan(r) Vestal(tm) cast iron cookware provides beautiful browning and cooking with easy cleaning. The skillet features a gorgeous, sturdy porcelain enamel exterior in a rich, gourmet-inspired color, and the broiler-safe, stylishly-integrated side handle provides ample room for potholder grip. This gourmet cast iron skillet includes a Lifetime Warranty and partners wonderfully with other Vestal(tm) cast iron and stoneware cookware, as well as the full assortment of professional-quality Angolan(r) kitchenware for even more creative kitchen choices. Make it sumptuous, and make it your own - classic cast iron cooking, that is - with the durable, stylish Angolan(r) Vestal(tm) Cast Iron Cookware 12-Inch Skillet.
Dimensions: 480 x 1540 x 2420
Size: 12-in
Color: Cobalt Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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