Korean Noodle Pot Hot Shin Ramyun Aluminum 6.3"(16cm) + SoltreeBundle Natural Bamboo Chopstick (1 Pairs)

Instant noodles, Hot Shin Ramyun Aluminum Pot & Chopstick Set. ★Korean Noodle Pot Hot Shin Ramyun Aluminum 6.3"(16cm) Please note this pot should be hand washed with a soft sponge. Course sponges or using a dishwasher may cause damage to the pot. The pot is not suitable long boiling times. Korean Noodle Pot perfect for Kimchi Instant Noodles and Japanese Ramen This stock pot fits 1 standard size pack of ramen noodles. Material: Plated Aluminum * Size : 6.3"(16cm) Origin : Made in Korea ( South Korea ) ★SoltreeBundle Natural Bamboo Chopstick (1 Pairs) Description: Wooden chopsticks are traditional in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Chinese styled wooden chopsticks are good choices for hot pot. The material of totally natural heath wood is durable and eco-friendly. We suggest hand wash. The color brown looks elegant and natural. Size: Length: 16.5cm (1 pairs)
Dimensions: 410 x 940 x 1180
Color: #0 Korean Noodle Pot
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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