ASSIS Pot & Pan Protectors-Set of 6 Gray Print Premium Divider Pads to Prevent Scratching, Separate and Protect Surfaces of Your Cookware - for Home and RV (blue and white)

Often the damage to the Teflon coatings of your skillets and pans occur during the simple act of stacking and storing them Protect your cookware with our 6-pack of Pan Protectors. These non-woven fabric inserts prevent damages that result from stacking skillets, pots and pans. Cushion stoneware and glass casserole dishes from impacts that would create fractures and shorten their usefulness. Stop the scratches to non-stick coatings when the metal bottom of one pan scrapes across another during stacking. Using Pan Protectors will also prevent pots and pans from becoming hopelessly locked together when nested in cupboards.
Dimensions: 100 x 1500 x 1500
Color: Blue
Package quantity: 6
Condition: New

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