Vollrath (3109) 38 qt. Centurion Induction Stock Pot

This centurion stock pot used to prepare large quantities of liquids that are seasoned by beef, chicken or vegetables. Also excellent for cooking pasta, or bulky vegetables such as corn and artichokes, or for steaming or boiling lobsters. Spot-welded handles have no rivets to come loose and are easy to clean. Made of 10-guage stainless steel material which is impervious to acidic foods, protecting it from pitting or staining, and with no flavor carryover. Hollow stay cool and handles do not conduct heat. Comes with 38-quart capacity. Measures 14-inch diameter by 14-inch depth.
Dimensions: 1450 x 1550 x 1550
Size: 38 quarts
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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