Vollrath (67512) 12 qt Wear-Ever Aluminum Stock Pot

This stock pots are designed for preparing stocks, soups and liquids. Made of aluminum material. Tall and narrow shape allows liquids to bubble up through the food, extracting maximum flavor. Solid welded aluminum handles for durability and easy interior cleaning. Heat is spread evenly along base and sidewalls. Double-thick rims remain round for a better cover fit. Double-thick bottoms help resist denting. Beadles rims for easy cleaning. Flat and domed covers available. Comes in 12-quart capacity. Measures 10-inch inside diameter by 9-inch inside depth. Meets NSF4 performance standards.
Dimensions: 1025 x 1075 x 1350
Size: 12 quarts
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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