Half Size Deep Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans Oblong Multi-Purpose Food Storage Containers (20pack, small)

Disposable aluminum foil pans are a cost effective way to serve a large amount of people and offer a quick and easy clean up. They are intended for one time use, but they are a Ideal and convenient way to cook and store a wide variety of foods.CJGQ Half Size Deep Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans are made sturdy lightweight  gauge aluminum.The design of full curl rim makes you easily to take and use it .Exceptional heat conductivity - provides for an even-heating performance that cooks and roasts foods thoroughly.Good quality makes them don't be distort or break down even in freezer, oven, Stoves, grill and steam table.Ideal for catering, baking, broiling, bbq, parties picnics, food transport and storage.We offer you a different size and quantity of disposable aluminum foil pans packaging,to meet your needs. Adequate quantities guarantee you can use them for a long time.Stackable designed for easy stacking allows users to compactly store and transport pans on top of one another. If you like these exquisite disposable aluminum foil pans, then please add to car,and share with you  family and friends .
Dimensions: 394 x 630 x 866
Size: small
Color: silvery
Package quantity: 20
Condition: New

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