Zelancio 2.5 Quart Cast Iron Enamel Sauce Pan Pot Covered Sauce Pot (Tangerine Orange)

We at Zelancio strive for perfection in every meal. As foodies and chefs alike, we simply love to eat good meals, and with our Cast Iron Sauce Pot every meal really comes to life.Porcelain Protection + Iron StrengthNot only does the porcelain coating on this enamel 2.5 quart sauce pot provide a beautiful sheen, but it also offers a protective coating that will increase the life of the covered simmer pan. With the porcelain protection you never have to season your cast iron pot like you would with traditional cast iron cookware. This thick layer of porcelain enamel is also chip and stain resistant, keeping it looking like newThe benefits of a cast iron pot are practically limitless when it comes to cooking. The iron surface absorbs heat evenly, providing a consistent layer of warmth across the entire surface of the dish. The heat also spreads to the sidewalls and covered lid, giving your ingredients a cooking bath of heat from all sides. With a tightly sealing lid, this enamel pot retains heat with ease, helping you to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooking a perfect meal.Our sauce pan was designed with a beautiful red cast iron enamel along with a comfortable ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry the pot from the stove to your meal prep area. Our sauce or bean pots are easy to clean, so there is no need to spend a long time scrubbing to get your meal off the bottom of the pot.Make your meals come to life with a piece of Zelancios exceptional cast iron enamel cookware.Order yours today!
Dimensions: 740 x 990 x 1700
Color: 2.5 Quart Tangerine
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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