JarJackets Silicone Mason Jar Protector Sleeve + Sippy Lid - Fits 12oz Jelly Jars | Package of 2 (grasshopper)

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JarJackets was created with a simple mission to find better more creative ways to put the simple time-tested mason jar to work. Why do we feel so strongly that mason jars are a better choice than plastic? TASTE - Choosing mason jars allows your child to sip colder and more pure-tasting water. PURITY - Because they are made of glass, mason jars will not leach harmful chemicals like BPA/BPS and phthalates into their contents. DURABILITY - Made from the highest quality thermal shock-resistant glass in the USA, mason jars are thicker and sturdier than plastic-especially when paired with a JarJacket & lid. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Glass is also better for the planet. Composed all-natural, sustainable raw materials, glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly. VERSATILITY - Mason jars are multifunctional and a staple in any minimalist, eco-minded home. With so many uses, the humble mason jar can replace many single-function items in your kitchen and help you declutter your life.
Dimensions: 272 x 780 x 1110
Color: Grasshopper
Condition: New

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