Guro Enameled Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven Casserole, Red , 7.4QT

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Before cooking: - Carefully wash and dry the cookware. - If you are cooking on an electric/glass/ceramic stove, always lift the cookware to change its position in order to prevent scratching the stove-top. - Stacking, dropping and bumping your enamel-coated cookware can cause chipping on the surface. - Placing metallic objects inside your microwave is a recipe for disaster. Use your oven instead, and make sure not to exceed 500°F. - Cooking outdoors? Perhaps not the best idea if your cookware is enamel coated. Avoid using it in campfires and outdoor grills to avoid discoloration of the enamel. - Acidic foods may stain or discolor the enamel, however, this does not harm or change the quality of the cookware. Maintenance & Care - Many cooking techniques require stirring the food. Make sure to use non-metallic utensils to prevent scratches on the inside enamel layer of your cookware. - Once you are done cooking let your cast iron cool down before washing it. Then, although dishwasher safe, it is better to use soap and warm water to clean it thoroughly. Avoid using any form of citrus cleaners. - Dry the cast iron by either using a towel or by warming it up to vaporize the remaining water from the surface. - Avoid drastic temperature changes over short periods of time to prevent fracture in your cookware. Make sure to warm it up and cool it down gradually. - Your Guro cast iron product is an energy saver; use a low flame until the required temperature is achieved. - Gaining some tough stains? Try rubbing them off using baking soda and a cloth. Still not coming off? Bleach should be able to eliminate anything else.
Dimensions: 620 x 1400 x 1450
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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