Yamada iron wok 39cm(Thickness 1.6mm), with Sasara, bamboo Scrubbing Brush ...

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Machine-hammered over 5,000 times to ensure perfect interaction with your cooking oil. Different parts of the wok engineered to have different thickness, to insure that heat is transmitted uniformly. *How to season the wok. 1. Put the wok over the gas stove until the color of the wok becomes gray. This takes about 30 minutes until start to smoke. You need to move the pan around in order to do it evenly. 2.When the pan cools down, wash it in warm water. (Make sure not to use cold water.) 3. Stir (light fry) any scraps of vegetables with oil for the wok to slightly absorb the oil. 4. Wash the wok in hot water. 5. Dry it completely, and coat the pan with small amount of oil to store it. You can use a scrubber(no steel wool as it will scratch) and some detergent if you like and it is probably easier if you wash it off when the pan is still slightly warm. Be careful not to burn yourself! No dishwasher.
Size: Wok 39cm(15.4")
Condition: New

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