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The hard anodised models have all the features and benefits of the Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker in a hard anodised body and stainless steel lid. The beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 micron thick hard anodising has two benefits. It makes the pressure cooker absorb heat faster, making it more energy efficient. And the pressure cooker stays looking new for years. Recommended for use on gas stoves. From the Manufacturer-Hawkins Contura's anodised pressure cooker is a cooker that comes with all the benefits of a regular Hawkins Contura pressure cooker, with the added benefits of having a hard anodised body. This cooker has 60 micron thick hard anodising, which makes it strong and durable, enabling it to give you many years of good service. Apart from this, the cooker has an impressive black finish.Its hard anodising makes it absorb heat much faster and better than other cookers, which in turn helps you save on gas. Because of this, the Hawkins Contura's hard, anodised cooker is highly recommended for use on gas stoves. The hard anodised body of this cooker is non-reactive to any food items that might be cooked in it. This ensures that your food is safe to consume.This cooker comes with a stainless-steel lid and has black plastic covered handles. These handles help you handle the cooker without any problem even when it is very hot. The capacity of this Hawkins pressure cooker is 2L, which makes it ideal when you're cooking food for 2 - 3 persons. It has a base flat diameter of 134 mm and a base thickness of 3.25 mm. The cooker also comes with a five year warranty.The outer body of the cooker is black, while its lid is silver in colour. Product Features Has a hard anodised body with a stainless steel lid. Has a glossy black finish. Comes with a five year warranty. Helps save fuel as it absorbs heat very fast. Ideal when cooking for 2-3 persons.
Color: Red

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